Directed Donor Fees

Directed Donor Program Fee Schedule

The total cost of the Directed Donor Program averages from $2,000 to $3,200. Each client has different needs and therefore the costs will vary.

Payment 1 of Base Fee Due: $335.00

  • Initial consultation with all involved parties
  • Semen analysis with test freeze (IUI (washed) or ICI (unwashed))*

*Please note that the test freeze is a complimentary addition to the semen analysis

Payment 2 of  Fee Due:

  • Physical examination
  • Initial specimen freeze
  • General health screening and initial infectious disease testing (via blood draw/urine sample)
  • Required Genetic Screening Tests

Payment 3 of  Fee Due: $775.00

  • Final infectious disease testing and up to 6 months of specimen storage at no charge
  • Consultative and Professional services:o Complete assessment of directed donor's medical social history and current health status by NACB Medical Directoro Complete evaluation of directed donor's family medical history for three generations and genetic risk assessment by a Genetic Counselor

Additional Fees (if applicable):

  • Consultation/Semen Analysis/Test Freeze: $335 (if Directed Donor process is not pursued after this step – this will be the only applicable fee)
  • Additional ICI freezes – $150 each; Additional IUI Freezes – $210

*Please note that it is not NACB’s policy to refund storage fees after payment is received.  Storage fees are non-refundable.